Excellence and Innovation

We have assembled a team of technical specialists, individually selected as the best in their respective fields, and have implemented an organizational structure that emphasizes a systematic, process-driven approach to developing our asset base. Utilizing the expertise of our employees, consultants and top level service companies, allows us to complete the drilling process quickly and efficiently, while keeping operating costs to a minimum. The company will drive value creation by maintaining an Appalachian focused resource position wile effectively and safely developing those resources for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Heightened focus on drilling and completion optimization, cycle times and cost control to enhance returns

Peer leading well costs

Pioneered fracture completion methods, while optimizing stage spacing, proppant loading and overall resource development plans that facilitate superior well returns,
hydrocarbon recoveries and improved corporate capital efficiencies

Development of fit for purpose friction reducers

Pioneering production technologies and techniques to maximize well recovery